I am a Physician Assistant who has been in practice for over 26 years. I have worked in many different fields of medicine. I recently started to atrophy of the muscles of my left hand. Along with the atrophy (loss of muscle), I had significant weakness. I had seen my primary care provider as well as a well-respected Neurologist in town. I had 5 different MRI’s of my body as well as 2 EMG/NCV’s to try to find the source of the atrophy and weakness. Nothing was showing up. It got to the point that I could not hold a glass or cup of coffee in my hand for fear that I would drop them.

Mariel told me she thought she could help me out. I had one treatment and the next day my hand felt heavy. I didn’t notice anything other than that. She gave me a second treatment that day. When I got up the following morning, much to my surprise, amazement and happiness, I had muscles returning in my hand and was even able to open a previously unopened jar. Something I hadn’t been able to do for almost 4 months

Needless to say, I think Mariel is fantastic. As a western medicine practitioner, I cannot explain what happened. I do know however that I am cured. My strength is 100%. Mariel is a great healer with great abilities. I will forever be indebted to her.

AE, PA –C, Tucson, AZ

“Mariel is an extraordinarily gifted healer and counselor. She has helped me uncover and heal issues I didn’t realize where still bothering me! The progress I made in just my first session with Mariel would surely have required many months of traditional Western “talk therapy.” Without a doubt, I have been able to save hundreds of dollars by working with her. Thanks, Mariel!!”

DW, Tucson, AZ

I am a down to earth skeptical person who didn’t believe in alternative things. After going through three cancer surgeries and chemotherapy I had lost my motivation, stamina and appetite.

My session with Mariel was a totally new experience for me. Her soothing voice made me feel comfortable and relaxed. After the first session I felt a 100% improvement in my energy level. For the first time in many months I felt like getting up and going for a walk. I also felt like deciding what I wanted to eat rather than just eating what was put in front of me.

The words and messages she gave me worked! I have been feeling almost like I did before my surgeries with good energy levels, a better attitude and renewed interest in life. When we travelled back to Michigan I was able to keep up with all the activities. I would recommend her work to anyone. I believe in her work.

M. M., Oro Valley

The morning after Marv’s treatment I called Mariel and thanked her for giving me my husband back. All the anxiety I had been feeling over seeing my husband sick and not wanting to do anything was gone. I was so relieved to see Marv get up and want to go for his walk and tell me what he wanted to eat.
Whatever Mariel did worked for Marv. She has changed our lives for the better.

E. M., Oro Valley

So far, I have had two sessions with Mariel to enhance the health of my energy system and to find psychological blocks. I LOVE her work! Although sometimes results can be difficult to quantify with this type of work, I think Mariel is quite gifted. She seems to be able to expertly tune in to my energy system and provide what it needs. PLUS, she is able to interpret psychically what the energy blockages are about—whether childhood, past life, etc. I have felt really good after each session.

Bill White, Love Coach, Tucson

My first meeting with Mariel was a for a psychic reading, which, due to the nature of the information revealed, lead to our second meeting of hypnotherapy, using a technique, “Forward/Future Life Progression” (as opposed to Past Life Regression). That session was so profound it began a Spiritual quest that directed me for 10 years!

As I uncovered deeper levels of core issues, or went thru times of pain, crisis and illness, I always sought out Mariel for one of her unique healings or readings. She was the only one I knew who had diverse Spiritual expertise: Acupressure, Reiki, Tachion, Hypnotherapy, Energetic (Chakra) Readings, Tarot Interpretation, Psychic Readings, Teachings and Counseling. But her years of expertise and training, combined with her innate higher knowledge, gift of clairvoyance and her tremendous conceptual understanding of the Universe, has given her healings and readings a dimension unrivaled by present day healers and teachers.

Just when I thought I had experienced all of her wonderful gifts, Mariel had the unique opportunity of working with a Shaman in the Amazon Jungle. I had been in deep despair for months and called her for a healing on the phone. What happened next was, simply put – awesome! She performed in the next few moments her “Amazon Breath Infusion” and I actually felt the healing energy in me, moving! I could physically feel the despair leaving thru my chest! The transformation was virtually immediate! Mariel not only has a tremendous spectrum of talents, but a gift for reading and tapping into new energies to spectacularly and Divinely heal!

Pat – Newport Beach

Mariel is a powerful healer. You can feel her energy whether you are in her presence or on the phone. I called Mariel after having severe stomach cramps. She directed me to get comfortable so I lay on my couch and she lead through a meditation. Her voice directed me into a deep trance where I was able to completely relax. Through her healing abilities the pain was alleviated. She steadily emanates love and light. Many times she has guided me to peace and relaxation.

Liz Turpin, San Diego C.A.

Working with Mariel has been a very profound healing experience for me. I first began working with her when I suffered from a severe physical illness. She guided me and my spirit healed as did my body.

I feel blessed and grateful to the Universe to have her in my life. My need for healing my life, has been greatly enhanced by her integrity and gifts as a healer.

Laurie, Dewey, AZ

Mariel Lovey is the consummate healer. Her powerful intuitive awareness, authentic psychic abilities, and genuine compassion combines with astute use of proven spiritual modalities and technology to bring a level and degree of skill to her work that is seldom experienced in the modern world. I have been receiving treatments from Mariel for going on three months now. I sought her assistance for a puzzling and painfully debilitating condition that was unidentifiable (hence untreatable) by allopathic methods and means. She zeroed right in on the problem and began using the EPFX/SCIO for it right away. She also began using the EPFX/SCIO for some toher issues the comprehensive test revealed on me with her amazing machine as other areas requiring attention. I am happy to report that the condition for which I sought her assistance has greatly improved.

CB, Redding, CA
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