Journey through the 3 R’s

Journey through the 3 R’s

Journey through the 3 R’s is a class that is the culmination of over thirty years of experience. Mariel Lovey has taken information she has gathered through life experience and been given directly from spirit to create an easy and powerful way of releasing old fears and blockages.

The first R – release, opens the mind to the possibility that there is something holding you locked in a reality that may not truly be yours.

The second R – restructure, gives you techniques to re-pattern and then open space to lock in the releases you have achieved.

The third R – reestablish, gives you the power to be the person you know you truly can be using a technique that is both potent and straightforward.

Mariel has experienced visions since she was five years old. With spirit as her constant companion she has a life full of worldly trials and mystical experiences.

While in the Amazon jungle studying with a Shaman, Mariel was given direct information by spirit regarding the process of cellular memory and DNA and how they affect our human behavior. Based on this vision she teaches techniques to allow clients to achieve a life filled with more freedom and understanding of the human condition.

Being able to release cellular memory allows more light into our DNA thus causing profound changes in our lives by creating more awareness and consciousness.

When we move into conscious awareness we are set free and miraculous things begin to happen. Old ideas fall away, including limitations, we may not have been consciously aware of. This generates a better way of being.

Through this process you will be able to differentiate between what you thought you wanted and what is truly important. You will begin to recognize the infinite being you are. You will learn techniques to follow the energy of what is right for you and what belongs to you.

By the end of this class you will shift from finite to infinite, from limitations to unlimited possibilities.

You are invited to take a journey past time and space to create the life you desire and deserve.

Cost: $295 – 9:30 AM – 5 or 6 PM Limited to 18 people

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