House Clearing

House Clearing

A house clearing removes any congested, discordant or negative energy… along with entities and ghosts… from your home.

There are many energies that can influence the atmosphere of a house and the property surrounding it.Over time a house absorbs the energy of the people living there, and if it is a new house the energy can come from the builder, construction workers, or the land itself. If there is a lot of anger, hatred or a constant flow of negative energies, those are absorbed by the house and surrounding property. This can be especially true if there has been a serious conflict, a crime, illness or death.

The land could have been used as a sacred or holy place, which would bring in positive entities and energy, but I could also have been used for negative purposes. Many times people call in spirits or entities unintentionally and without meaning to, and then have no idea how to get rid of them.

Spirits and negative energy can wreak havoc for the people living there. They create feelings ranging from confusion, depression, fear or anger to un-accounted for giddiness. At times such things can even produce serious illness. As stated before, there are many energies that can influence the atmosphere of a house and its surrounding property. Negative energies such as anger, fear and hatred… even sadness!… are absorbed by the house and or surrounding property, causing those who dwell there to become confused or even sick. Negative energies effect adults, children and pets alike.

I use a combination of methods depending on the issues at hand. A clearing can take anywhere from an hour to several hours depending on what type of entities are present and how resistant they are to leaving or how attached you are.

Since this is a spiritual practice, I always finish with a house blessing. The house blessing brings peace, harmony and tranquility back to the house and property, filling the void left by removal of the negative energies.

Cost: $125 per hour