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Full Moon 12/12/2008 or how I got my wings.

Before the time of Father there was the time of Mother. In the time of Mother everyone honored the moon and her cycles. The natural cycle of 13 moons was observed. There were 13 months. Some cultures, including the Chinese, Moslem and Jewish, still observe the 13 moon calendar. New moons are a time of renewal, starting new projects and planting. At the time of the Full moon people give thanks for the Divine Lunar Energy and use the energy for releasing old patterns. Many people who live close to Mother Nature still observe the power of the moon and celebrate her power through ceremony.

The Long Nights Moon or the Cold Moon of December 12, 2008 was a special time on our planet. It occurred on 12/12/08. 12/12 is a magical number for growth and a gateway for the energy of the legions of consciousness to pour higher vibrations onto the earth. On this particular 12/12/ there was a Grand Cross in the heavens. The planets lined up to create an energy pathway for unexpected and wondrous things to occur. It was a time of giving up old patterns. Beliefs that have formed our lives up to this point may no longer serve us. In order to receive the new energies now available from the hierarchy of heaven we must let go of the old ways and move into freer more natural ways of living.

If we are open, there are waves of blessings to be received. The message of this full moon was clear; ”It is time to live your truth”. No more hiding the essence of who you are. No more feeling “less than” because your ideas or life style does not meet with the standards set by other people. We are moving into a time of equality for all. We are experiencing this in the most genuine way there has ever been since the beginning of time. We will be tested to the very limits of our beings.

In our modern world, it is often difficult to live our truths for fear of being labeled‚ “different” or “kooky”. It is uncomfortable to be an outcast among our peers. Many of us have long overcome the stigma of being different. However, somewhere deep inside of us we have held back our inner most beliefs because we were fearful of the consequences. How could we not be fearful after so many lifetimes of persecution which oftentimes led to a horrifying death? This is the time that we were born for. We have heard for years that the dawning of the Age of Aquarius was about to begin. Did we fully understand what that meant? For most of us the answer is “No”. Now there is great clarity. It means a total shift of consciousness. We are being forced into the bond of brotherhood. By the end of the shift, our new world will be one where each person is honored. Greed will no longer exist as it will be seen as the cause of great suffering and pain.

We are experiencing the shift now. For many of us the new consciousness is filtering into our lives by our outward world changing in ways that are uncomfortable. Many are losing jobs, homes, and what they thought was financial security. If you experience any of these things remember the need to stay present to Spirit and know that it is all part of what you signed on to do in this life. We came here to help the planet and humankind to evolve. Giving birth is never easy.

Other ways that we experience the shift in present time is by forming new relationships. Many are finding new people who are like minded and working in their own way to help contribute to a better world. Light workers all over the world are becoming consciousness of the shift and praying in large numbers, whether or not they are in the same location. It happens spontaneously. Groups all over the globe will pick the same day or time for prayer groups or ceremonies. People are naturally being drawn to find new life partners or people to come together with to go through the changing times. We are forming new communities of light workers in unprecedented and unexpected ways.

We are being forced to evaluate everything and everyone in our lives. We must come forward and share our inner knowing and our deep truths. We must not be shy about standing tall in what we know to be the voice of God shouting for acknowledgement. We are all unique expressions of God, each person valuable in their special way. It is essential to open up our inner truths not only to our friends and neighbors but to the world in general in order to align with the energies of change.

As the old world falls there will be great moaning and suffering for the loss of material things. This must be endured as part of the passage into the new world evolving into the higher consciousness. Our focus must be always attuned to the cause of being the anchors of light for the passage of everyone on earth to a better way of being, to the higher evolution of mankind.

The spirit guides directed Gerald Bringle to honor the full moon with a ceremony. He invited people to camp at a sacred site in the Arizona desert. Five of us gathered for the purpose of honoring Mother Earth, the lunar energy and to anchor and clean the grids around this section of the earth.

Being a desert dweller, Gerald knows fascinating places, rock formations, plants and sacred sites. He is a healer, researcher, writer and keeper of sacred knowledge. He found a splendid site for our camp. The homey camp reflected Gerald’s generosity of spirit and deep connection to the earth.

This was an exciting adventure for me as I had never camped outside over night. I was eager for the experience of being out under the stars, sleeping in the back of a truck and being with kindred spirits. I was in high anticipation of being able to participate in the ceremony. Gerald honored me by asking me to do the Full Moon meditation.

As many of you know, once you commit to something the energy around it creates magic. Things begin to happen in miraculous ways to augment the event. About ten days before the ceremony, I received a phone call from a woman who had received an email from Gerald as an invitation to take part in our ceremony. I felt an immediate connection with her. During our chat I was excited to learn we lived in the same town. I invited her to breakfast so we could get acquainted before the ceremony. As kindred souls so often do, Pearl and I had a wonderful time together at breakfast. To my great surprise and delight she invited me to go up to the sacred San Francisco Peaks to gather water from a spring that the Native Americans have been using for hundreds of years.

We made arrangements to go on Thursday 12/11/08, thus beginning to utilize the energy of the full moon and planetary alignment. When Pearl arrived at my house to pick me up around 10AM I was experiencing a feeling of eagerness. The weather was perfect, clear skies, sunny and warm for December. She told me spirit had directed her to go to a different place. We headed up past Flagstaff to a place called the Cinders. This is magical place were the Anastazi people had settled. A friend of Pearl’s lives on the land off the grid. Since this land is privately owned it is undisturbed by tourists and is very sacred, mystical and full of profound energy.

As we hiked the up the mountain I could feel the ancient ones beginning to whisper. As we reached the top, the views were far and long. The beautiful snow capped San Francisco peaks loomed in the distance. Black volcanic rocks made interesting designs in the mountain side. Standing there, taking in the raw beauty of the landscape I was intensely moved. A feeling of gratitude came over me and I decided to meditate. It was cool and windy on the top of the mountain. I crouched down behind one of the larger rocks to pray and give thanks. I wanted to smoke my pipe but the wind made it difficult to smoke. The pipe would only stay lit for a moment. So I was only able to offer the spirits small puffs of smoke. I finally gave up and settled into a comfortable position to mediate. Pearl had wandered off to a small plateau on the other side of the mountain where she would do her meditation.

At first, I just listened and felt the energy of this ancient place. After a while a song started playing in my ears. Then something out of the ordinary happened. I began singing the song. I have never thought I could sing and I really have no idea what that song sounded like. It was so freeing for me to be able to sing out loud. The message in the song was to be open deep in your soul so spirit can fill you up. It was very sweet.

When I finished my meditation I went to look for Pearl. The mountain was full of small cinders causing me to slip and slide. I wasn’t fearful, but thought it was rather funny. I think the spirits were laughing at me as I struggled to keep my footing step after slippery step. It only took me a few minutes of stumbling around to locate Pearl. I was pretty high by the time I found her. She was sitting on her prayer rug doing ceremony. I stayed a respectful distance away. I forged a small spot for myself in the rock strewn earth and lied down. On this side of the mountain we were shielded from the wind. It was a warm and cozy place to rest. I loved the feel of the winter sun on my face and skin. I was drenched in sunlight; golden rays filled my body and soul with a deep satisfaction. I drifted in and out of various states of consciousness as I bathed in the light of God.

After we were finished with our meditations Pearl and I walked to the old ruins. She was an excellent guide and pointed out a variety of mounds that once housed an ancient civilization. We walked to a place where you could see the remains of the Anastazi people. I could see groups of ancient houses. It was easy to picture what the village looked like thousands of years ago. Here and there as we walked we came across pottery shards. Some were painted in the traditional black and white design and others were black on one side and terra cotta on the other. They were the markers of lives long gone from this earth. As I picked a shard up I felt the hands of a young dark skinned woman with a big smile.

It was a blessing to spend the time with Pearl who is a dear sweet person as well as a Shaman. The peaceful day passed too quickly. A sense of serenity permeated my soul. This preparation for the day to follow was truly a gift from spirit.

My friend, Charlene, came over to spend the night on Thursday so we could get ready for our desert ceremony. I was tired from the day in the high desert so I decided not to pack. Charlene brought over some fish burritos. We ate, watched a movie and went to sleep to dream of what was coming the next day.

Friday morning it was difficult to concentrate as my body was fluttering with growing anticipation which was growing as we gathered our gear. Since this was my first camping trip I was having a difficult time deciding what I needed. I would put things in bags and then decide I needed something else. Charlene was very sweet about putting all my “stuff” in the truck. Without complaining, she made many trips back and forth from the house to the truck.

I didn’t know exactly what food to bring so I would put cookies in the pack then take them out and then put them back. I finally decided that we definitely needed cookies and grapes and cornbread and apples and well, you get the idea. I also wanted to be warm enough so I brought layers and layers of clothes, two pair of long underwear, pj’s, shirts and jackets. I also made sure we would be warm when we were sleeping so I brought the down comforter.

Next, I began packing my ceremonial items. My drum was a must. Than there was the tobacco and a pipe, my rattle and crystal, incense and the abalone shell. Charlene made more trips to the truck. Angel that Charlene is, she packed the truck with all the things I wanted to bring. For the most part, she was very good natured about all the packing. However by the end she started prodding me to hurry up. She was eager to get underway.

It was about a two hour drive from my house out to the campsite. We were happy and excited to be on our way. Most of the drive was on two lane highways. Our special turn off was difficult to find from the highway. We even had a little trouble ourselves finding it. It made me feel protected because not many people would take this dirt path. It was narrow and rocky with desert plants scratching the sides of the truck with just the slightest deviation from the center of the road. The dirt trail was more like a cow path. We traveled the half mile or so to our camp.

Even though the weather was overcast and cool we were warmly greeted by Gerald, Pearl and a woman from Wickenburg named Debbie. Gerald has a knack for finding the best places in the desert. The camp was an oasis. He had picked a level place surrounded by desert trees. Gerald, being the ultimate host, had set up tents for us to sleep in. The long table was created by putting several smaller ones together and was piled with food. It had a feeling of rich abundance and feasting. On the camp stove hot coffee ready for us to drink. Gerald offered us hot potatoes that he had baked in the campfire. They were scrumptious! Imagine how surprised and delighted we were to find out that we even had a port- a -potty with a private tent! Gerald’s supply tent had everything we would need for our trip. He had thought of every detail.

My attention was immediately captivated by the fire pit. It was dug deep and lined with stones up one side and open on the other end for the logs. The campsite would impress the best of campers.

Always being industrious, Charlene quickly went to work making a bed in the back of the truck so we wouldn’t have to deal with that later. Even though Gerald had been kind enough to make us a bed in the tent we decided it was too cold to sleep on the ground. We had brought a mattress pad from home that fit nicely in the bed of the truck. We borrowed a thick sleeping bag from Gerald and put the down comforter on top of that. We would be cozy. Charlene had a cover for the bed of her truck so we were protected from the cold winter night. I felt like a kid, bubbly and happy.

Soon we were sharing our food. The mood was one of us all being blessed by being able to share this experience with each other. An example of spirit in action is that without any prior communication about food, Pearl had made chili and I had made cornbread, foods that go together well. Debbie introduced us to a delicious Dandelion drink. We had a simple meal that surpassed many a fine dinner.

It was around 3:30PM when we set out on our hike. The gray skies and slight drizzle did not dampen our spirits. Gerald led us through the rocky terrain all the while telling us about the plants and the area and what his impression of what it once looked like. One tight passage found us on our hands and knees crawling under prickly bushes and over sharp rocks. It was worth the effort. Our eyes widened as we stood up in an amazing city of ancient stones.

This magical place is called the temple of Darius. A culture long gone from the earth dwelled here. I could feel the small children whizzing past us, playing as all children do. The sense of what once was lingered deep in the rocks. The elders watched from afar as we made our way across their empty plaza.

I am not sure if it was intuition or imagination that brought this place to life for me.

The culture was real and co existing with us. It felt as though the old culture and our party of hikers were interdimensionally connected. Perhaps we transcended time and space and for a brief moment dimensions faded and we were one.

As we walked over the rugged desert we encountered hewn stones that were part of ancient buildings. The stones reminded me of the ones I saw in Peru as they were carved in the same manner as the stones of the Inca. They were large, perhaps two feet by three feet. It was difficult to tell if the fine smooth lines of the stones were worn with time or polished at the time of carving. The stones were the product of precise carving with straight lines and equal sides.

It appeared as though we were in the middle of an ancient town. In different areas you could see vestiges of old buildings. After walking for awhile we came to a group of rocks that had one flat one on the top. Gerald told us that this was where the old people did attunements. It was quite high and a big step up to the first place where you could climb. Charlene volunteered to climb up and lay on the top of the rock. The top of the rock was a little smaller than a twin bed. Charlene laid down on her back and allowed the cold rock to engulf her.

As I stuck my tuning forks the energy rang out and we all shifted into another consciousness. Charlene was deep in trance. I was in trance and assume the others were too. I really don’t know as I was ringing the tuning forks for as long as I was directed by spirit. I was so deep in trance that even the roar of three fighter jets did not bring me to full consciousness. I only thought it was very strange, since we were in the middle of no where, that they would be present. It seems the government doesn’t miss much.

When the tuning was complete I looked at Charlene. She was still and totally gone. We tried different ways to bring her back to consciousness. We gently called her name, whistled, directed the tuning fork at her foot, and finally I began to clap. That seemed to get her attention. I was nervous that she would wake up disoriented and roll off the rock. On one side there was about a forty foot drop to the desert floor. Charlene woke up perfectly aware of where she was. She climbed down from the attunement changed. I rubbed her body to warm her up and get her grounded. She was happy. She said she had gone flying. The changes in her attitude were pronounced. Her heart had opened.

We were all pretty high from the experience. It is always difficult to say exactly what occurred. All I know is that it was big magic. We experienced a transformation and anchored the earth in that place. There was energy all around. Gerald said he “saw” and old man in long robes just at the edge of our circle watching us.

As a group we began hiking again. Not far from the rocks, where we had done the attunement, we came across what felt like a main plaza or market place in that ancient place. Volcanic action had dislocated the original pavement. However, it was still visible and was not a natural part of the desert floor. The stones had obviously been placed as a plaza or meeting place. There were placed in a circular pattern about 18 feet in diameter.

We were hiking through a saguaro cactus forest. At one point we came face to face with a large Crown Saguaro cactus, rare in the desert. Gerald was being a great guide feeding us useful information about the area as we walked. However, it didn’t take long before Charlene, Pearl and I just stood silently looking at our amazing surroundings, drinking in the majesty and magic we had just witnessed. Pearl disappeared around one of the big rocks. When she returned she gave each one of us a small rock. She told us to sleep with them. They were from the rock people.

We headed back to camp. It was good to sit by the campfire and be warm. We all dressed in warm clothes. I had on two pair of long underwear and several layers of clothes so as evening turned to night I was warm.

Gerald shared the story of when we went to Belize and had psychic surgery. Charlene shared the story of her miraculous healing at the Weeping Virgin icon. Charlene is a holder of Divine Light. Debbie told us of her journey into spirit. I did a full moon meditation and Pearl took us on a journey to the rock people. We drummed and played instruments, sang and generally had a good time.

During my full moon meditation I began to channel information. I am not sure who I was channeling. I don’t generally pay much attention to who is giving me the information as long as I know it is from a Divine Source. What came through that night was a repetition of the information I had be given earlier about the necessity of being open in order to receive the blessings that are available and was the need to awaken and change our DNA. This has been a consistent theme in meditation for me. When I was in the Amazon jungle many of my visions were filled with information about changing our DNA. Enlightenment occurs in our DNA. I teach methods to activate and change the DNA.

It had been a full day. Charlene and I decided to go to bed. It was fun to climb into the back of the truck and snuggle into our sleeping bags and down comforter. We laughed and giggled like little kids over everything and nothing. We were tucked in wearing our clothes, jackets and knit caps. The sound of Pearl’s drumming lulled us to sleep.

The night passed in a series of restless tossing and musings over the events of the day. So much magic takes you to a different level of consciousness. Every time I woke and looked up a the huge full moon I was filled with the mystery of life. During the night I had several dreams. Most of the dreams weren’t memorable, however, one struck me to the core of my being.

In the morning, we were awakened by the smell of coffee Gerald had brewed. Some of us had regular coffee and others had the Dandelion drink with goat’s milk and agave syrup. We gathered around the warm fire and greeted each other. I mentioned that I had a dream I would like to share with them. Everyone’s attention suddenly perked up and was focused on me. They all wanted to know what spirit had told me during the night.

This was my dream. I was in a very old stone house. There was nothing in the house but a window. Actually, it wasn’t a window as we know them it was simply an opening in the stone. I was with two women. One woman was in front of me and one woman was in back of me. In the dream, I knew the women. When I woke up I could not remember who they were. My feeling is that they were my guides. We were in a line in the house when the first woman went to the window which looked into a very large stone barn. The barn was empty except for a wooden rafter. Urgently, the woman called to me “Come quick. Come look at this.” I ran to the window and looked up to the right. There sat a large horned owl. As I looked at it the owl came swooping down and locked eyes with me. Those large amber eyes pierced deep into my soul. This wondrous being then turned her head and looked at the other woman and then she turned back and looked at me again. To my surprise, she opened her beak and placed it around my forearm. Slightly alarmed, I thought she was going to bite me. Instead, she placed her talons on my arm and nestled herself to me. The depth and simplicity of the act is difficult to describe. It felt like something a small child who wants to be comforted would do. The next moment she told me she was dying. I comforted her as she passed from this earth. Gently, I laid her on a table and cradled her in my left arm. I stroked her back as she died. In her dying breath she told me she would give me her feathers. I woke up in awe. I knew something big had just occurred.

After I shared my dream, Pearl, the Shaman woman, gave me this interpretation. She said I was being initiated into the Owl Clan and that it is a clan of mystery, magic and wisdom. Owls are the eyes of the night and they can see what is not in the open. They are the silent watchers and possess secret knowledge. She called me Wise Woman. This is the second time I have been called Wise Woman.

Pearl told me these things and more. Then she told me to wait a minute. When she came back she was carrying two full owl wings. She said she never brings them with her but was directed by spirit to bring them on this trip. With the wings she prayed over me and initiated me into the Owl Clan. I cannot remember all she told me. I only remember being so deeply moved that I cried. After her blessing she gifted me with the owl wings. I am still in profound gratitude and slight bewilderment for the gift I received.

That day my consciousness shifted. I felt more connected to the earth, more aware of my place and my responsibility to all creatures on the earth. It felt like I am more aware of all that surrounds me. Spirit is my constant companion. The relationship I have felt with humanity is deepened. I know with my entire being the ways of the world are changing faster than most of us realize. I know the truth that nothing is as important as living the righteous way, with consideration for all of God’s creations. I feel that I must be worthy of such an honor and live with great integrity and wisdom. I accept that I am wise and must give what I know to the world without fear.

Later that day Pearl shared with me the story of how she came to have the wings. She was out in the wild being with nature when she found the dying owl. She said she picked it up and cradled it in her arm as I had done in my dream. The owl told her she would know who to give the wings to when the time was right.

Once the initiation was complete we celebrated by eating!! Camp food is the best. When we were done eating we completed the Medicine Wheel that Gerald had started. Pearl directed us to each go find five rocks for the medicine wheel. We scattered in different directions. As I was out collecting my rocks I found a single owl feather. I thought it was a good omen and a confirmation of all that had taken place.

We constructed the medicine wheel with great ceremony and reverence. It took several hours. Once it was finished we all stood inside the circle thanking the spirits for their generous gifts of life and hope. We gave thanks for all the animal spirits that came to help. It was very beautiful. I brought my tuning forks into the circle and gave each person a healing.

It was difficult to leave that holy place and come back to the reality of daily life. I have the wings shrouded and safely put away. I did my first ceremony with them on the Winter Solstice. They reminded me to live wisely. I look forward to the mystical adventures the magical wings will take me on. I am deeply and profoundly grateful.

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